Apartment and Villa Properties to rent in Spain

Finding a Spanish rental property has just got easier with Yazoo’s Spanish Rental Property Portal. We have hundreds of villas, apartments and cheap property available for short and long term rental right across Spain. Many people rarely think of the benefits or renting here in Spain, but it can actually be beneficial, depending on circumstances, for many people hoping to move abroad to the sun. One of the main plus points of choosing to rent a property instead of purchasing one allows you to enjoy the best parts of living abroad without making the sometimes scary jump into selling/buying in a different country. Renting for some time before buying a home in Spain is a great way to ensure that you are ready to live in a new country, as well as giving you time to see if the area you have chosen to rent in fits the bill for what you need once you buy.

Advice on Long Term Rental Property in Spain

Once you have found the perfect property to rent in Spain then you will need to think about aspects of the tenancy such as your agreement with the landlord. Many Estate Agents will act as middle men in in these instances, which can make life easier if your Spanish is not up to scratch. If you are dealing with a landlord directly, we advise you to get the rental contract checked out first before signing, by a Spanish speaker, whether it be a friend or an official. Contracts between landlord and tenant can vary in length depending if you wish to rent the property for a short term (usually 3 or 6 months) or long term (generally 1 year renewable). Expect to pay a deposit of 1-2months rent along with the 1st months agreed rental price. A tenant is normally expected to pay the utility bills (electricity and water) along with the yearly rubbish collection bill. Generally (but not always) the landlord is expected to pay all community fees (pool fees, gardening etc if on an urbanisation or complex, lift maintenance and general cleaning if in an apartment complex). Check this before signing anything!

Always make sure that you have an inventory of all the items that are included in the letting agreement and their condition. This is to protect you at the end of the tenancy and if you have anything that you think could be an issue then make sure that you capture photographs of the quality of the items or fittings when you move into the property.